Monday, 21 January 2013

New Year...New Resolution for Diabetes!

New Year is a moment to achieve Resolution to enhance your life for the future. Why not just use your resolution this year to to set objectives order to improve your management of diabetes and general health?
Your diabetes management aims for the new year should be specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and limited in time.

Apparently if the diabetes let go recently (overeating, lack of sleep, low morale ...), this is a good opportunity to take things in hand right now. Here are three Resolution to help you. Three, it is reasonable and beneficial for your diabetes, so why hesitate?

Resolution # 1:  eat balanced
No more ready meals, fast food, sandwiches swallowed office in 5 minutes: this year, this should finally changed diabetes' relationship with food. Adopt good eating habits to limit weight gain, it is possible: in the office, at home, at work ...while adopting an eating balance diabetes health shall be under control.

Resolution No. 2: take physical activity
The benefits of physical activity on diabetes are known. In addition, the practice of physical activity has beneficial effects on the long term. 30 mins of walking everyday should be enough! So make it move!! :) 

Resolution No. 3:  make regular follow-up examinations
Visit your doctor regularly...self-monitoring, weight control and blood glucose, smoking cessation, visit the dentist and ophthalmologist ... Annual or quarterly, all these tests are essential to prevent and detect complications. Your doctor is the person authorized to prescribe the appropriate examinations.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Study eats up time

I remember how bored I used to be when I was little and I had nothing to do.I only released a couple of years later that I wasn't bored but it was only a lack of planning. Now that I look back at my life, I no longer have those boring days.It's great ! am not complaining but it's weird. Weird in the sense that I now cannot find time for the things that I like doing.
-For once am not blaming IB :)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Why IB ?

IB is a whole new level of tertiary education.I had the opportunity of doing either A-levels or IB.Since , I did not know what I was going to do later on in life.I went for IB !
I chose IB bceause of the amount of choice it gives you.This has genuinely helped me to have no regrets later on in life.Right now, I've gotten better at choosing my future studies and I think that if I had known what I wanted to do later on in life.A-levels would have been my options.

You guys are probably asking why I am talking about A-levels.Well it's many people have misconceptions about both qualifications.In either way, our final goal is to get into university and not boast about which one is better or worst!

1.kE$HA -Sorry ke$ha but am not a fan of your music.But I am impressed that she did IB